Mac and Cheese Fest 2016


This was the 2nd annual Mac and Cheese Fest and I was hesitant to go to this one since the first one was such a failure (I didn’t even get any mac and cheese!). But I took a chance and I’m super glad I did.

This one was much more organized and the venue was at the Ontario Place island, which meant there was a lot more space for the vendors and foodies to wander about.


They implemented a ticket system which definitely saved time at the stalls. People aren’t fumbling for cash and and holding up lines and if you only have card, the ticket booths can accomodate.


This Five Cheese with Truffle Butter mac and cheese interesting. The truffle butter was strong and mixed with the five cheeses, it was a strong taste. I would’ve preferred something milder but it was still great.


This Italian Bacon and Cheese Mac was amazing! This one was more to my taste, still savoury but also a hint of saltiness. And the pasta was cooked to perfection, not overcooked like some of the others.


This Jerk Mac and Cheese with Jerk Chicken was so flavourful because of all the spices. Not only did you get pieces of jerk chicken but it was infused into the mac and cheese.


The Mac N Queso Tortilla Bowl was chorizo, pineapple salsa, creme fraiche and pickled jalapenos. The mac and cheese itself was great, nicely seasoned with a spicy kick. But the tortilla bowl tasted like cardboard. You’re paying extra for it but in the end, it’s just ging to go to waste. Such a shame.


The Mac Smash was one of my favourites. It was really simple but I loved how the mac and cheese, Doritos, lettuce, pico, sour cream and chili sauce came together. It’s also mess free and they use what they already have. They place everything into the bag and it’s your job to “smash” the Doritos and mix it up.


The Mac and Cheesecake Ice Cream was from the sme vendor and had cherry jolly rancher Mac, cheesecake ice cream, cinnamon crunch topped with a blueberry cheesecake drizzle. This was pretty amazing as well and I loved how they thought outside of the box. This sounds overwhelmingly sweet but it actually isn’t. I think a large part had to do with the cheesecake ice cream.


These Unicorn Cake Balls are basically just colourful battered cake pops without the stick. They were pretty good but probably the last thing I’d get out of everything. We used our last tickets on these because everything else was more than what we had :p.

I can’t wait to see what next year’s has in store. I hope it has a free shuttle again as well!

Oh Geul Boh Geul Review


5320 Yonge St


Price: Cheap

Cuisine: Korean

Type: Casual


Food: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Atmosphere: 6/10

Oh Geul Boh Geul Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A lot of people love this restaurant for being homely and offering LOTS of side dishes. It definitely does have that home cooking feel to it which is why you’ll see that it’s crowded most of the time.

Side Dishes

Like many Korean restaurants, you will get free Side Dishes. And they give you so many to choose from! If you’re lucky, they’ll also give you a potato pancakes!

Dolsot BiBimBap

One of my favourite dishes, Dolsot BiBimBap. It’s not the best I’ve had but still great and flavourful. The chili sauce helps and I’ve yet to have a bad bibimbap.


The GongJong DdukBokKi is the non-spicy, savoury version of the popular spicy Tteokbokki. This was one of the first times I had a non-spicy version and I loved it. The beef was marinated beautifully and the sauce was a little on the thicker side, which I preferred.

JaJangMyun (Black Bean Noodles)

Their JaJangMyun (Black Bean Noodles) were great! The noodles were chewy and not too thin. The sauce was thick enough to be absorbed by the noodles and had cubes of meat. It’s a very savoury dish and the cucumbers (however little there are) are very refreshing.

Pork Bone Soup

The Gam Ja Tang (Pork Bone Soup) has large bones and comes with a side of rice. The soup had great flavour and was just the right amount of spicy. I know some people who have had it multiple times and it does not disappoint.

Potato Pancake

Remember the free Potato Pancake I mentioned earlier? Here it is! Depending on your party, you may receive more. They gave us ours closer to the end of the meal and it’s made out of potatoes but’s it’s not chewy at all. It’s chewy and it’s a texture I can’t quote explain. It’s one of those things you have to taste yourself.

Butter Avenue Review


477 Queen Street West


Pricing: Average

Type: Patisserie

Cuisine: Dessert


Food: 8/10

Service: 7/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Butter Avenue Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The desserts are displayed beautifully behind a class and the workers in uniforms greet you cheerfully as they take your order.

You can choose to have it to go but you can also eat downstairs in a private area with padded seating. It’s nice after a day of walking and shopping at the nearby Eaton Centre.

2014-11-01 17.53.22

The St Honore Chocolate is one of the variations that they rotate and it’s a creme chantilly (this one in chocolate) in a tart with berries usually and two full-sized macarons varying in flavour. It’s so good and the tart is cookie-like while the creme is so smooth, it melts in your mouth!

2014-11-01 17.54.10

The St Honore Vanilla Bean is equally as good but instead of a chocolate creme chantilly, it’s vanilla bean.

Mini Macarons

I grabbed some Mini Macarons to share with some friends I was seeing the next day and they were still pretty fresh. There were different flavours and I enjoyed the ones I tried. They still aren’t the best I’ve had but if I passed by one, I would drop in to get some.

The Fry Review


6012 Yonge Street

(416) 546-0483

Pricing: Average

Cuisine: Korean

Type: Bar Food


Food: 9/10

Service: 7/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

The Fry Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Fried chicken is probably one of my favourite foods and if you’ve never had Korean Fried Chicken (KFC), you’re totally missing out. It’s made fresh, the skin is extra crispy and the meat just falls right off the bone. Not too mention the seasoning and spices they use! There are different kinds but if you’re generally a fan of honey garlic, I think you’ll be pretty happy.

Flavored Fried (Butter Garlic)

The Flavoured Fries (Butter Garlic) was an interesting seasoning that we had to try. The fries were crispy but not cut too thick, which is how I like them. The powdered seasoning you see has a sweet butter taste to it and the garlic is very faint.

Green Onion Chicken

The Green Onion Chicken has crispy fried chicken that makes a crunch when you bite into it. Make sure you dip it in the extra honey garlic-like sauce on the bottom of the plate, it doesn’t taste the same without it!

Seafood Cream Ricecake

The Seafood Cream Ricecake is my favourite variation of rice cakes so far. I’ve had them spicy, in soup and stir-fried but this cream sauce takes the cake! It’s smooth, not spicy and has seafood! The only downside is it’s pretty heavy, especially when you get it for sharing as a group, so don’t fill up on this too quickly.

Steamed Corn

The Steamed Corn was probably my friend Amy’s favourite. It’s something so simple and it might’ve been free (I can’t remember :p) but she likes things like that. Especially all that buttery goodness!

I would definitely come here again. I’ve had a few KFC places and to be honest, I enjoy it every time! It’s something you can’t go wrong with, if you guys find one you didn’t like, let me know and I’ll be sure to avoid it.

Touhenboku Ramen Review


261 Queen Street West

(416) 596-8080

Pricing: Cheap – Average

Cuisine: Japanese

Type: Ramen


Food: 5/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Touhenboku Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

There was a lot of hype around Touhenboku so I was really excited to try it. It was a bit of a wait since the Queen Street location was a bit small but it’s more on the simplistic, modern side.

Karaage Bowl

The Karaage Bowl wasn’t bad, with crispy pieces of chicken and a good amount of rice. It wasn’t a huge portion but it it did the job without leaving you stuffed. It wasn’t anything special though.

Pork Ramen with Sea Salt and Pork Belly

Their Pork Ramen with Sea Salt and Pork Belly was very oily upon first impression. You could see the oil bubbles at the top.  Even at the end, I left my broth alone and there was a thick layer of oil that I scraped to the side. I’ve seen this with a lot of ramen but this one was THICK.

As for the taste, it wasn’t bad but I felt the noodles were lacking. They weren’t chewy and I don’t think it come together very well. Out of all the ramen houses I’ve been to, I’d have to say this one is my least favourite so far. It could be my preference though because another friend of mine went to the same restaurant and loved it.

Have any of you been? Let me know what your experience was.

Nadege Review


780 Queen Street West


Pricing: Cheap

Cuisine: French

Type: Patisserie


Atmosphere: 8/10

Service: N/A

Food: 9.5/10

Nadège Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I really enjoy the pastries and food at Nadege. They’ve expanded quite a bit over the last few years but so far, I’ve only been to the original Queen Street corner shop. BUT I heard there’s one in Yorkdale now! I have to go back there sometime.


Their Madeleines are sold in small plastic cylinders and are soft and spongy. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a cup of coffee with me but they’re fine by themselves as well. Like biscotti, you’re supposed to dip them in coffee and eat them, making it partially soft and hard.

Marie Antoinette

This is where things get good. I couldn’t help but get the Marie Antoinette, look how beautiful it is! Three mini macarons and whipped cream florets sit on top of a creamy vanilla bean tart. It’s sweet but goes together so nicely. And the tart shell is tender and crumbly.

Masala Chai and Blackberry Chocolate Macarons

I had their flavour of the month Masala Chai Macaron and their Blackberry Chocolate Macaron. I’ve had a few macarons from different places and Nadege is still my favourite. The exterior shell is hard and keeps its shape when you put it in your bag but falls apart easily when you bite it. And the filling is smooth and creamy but not too buttery, perfection.

Raspberry Tart

Their Raspberry Tart was the first pastry I had from them I ever had and while it was a little sour, I still enjoyed it. The pastry was crumbly and the vanilla bean centre was smooth and had me coming back.

Turkey Nature Cranberry

Their Turkey Nature Cranberry is a fall seasonal and you won’t find it year round but I definitely recommend it if you happen to see it. My friend actually was the one that got this because I have this assumption that turkey is dry but it wasn’t at all. It has a sweet cranberry sauce that wasn’t too runny and the bread was super soft and bouncy on the inside. And it’s a pumpkin!