Drift Away Coffee Monthly Subscription Box


You guys know I love my subscription boxes and trying new things! The holidays are around the corner and these are great as a gift because who doesn’t love coming home to a box of goodies?

Drift Away was kind enough to send me a tasting kit of their coffees. This first box comes with one of each note; fruity, classic, balanced, bold. As you try each coffee, log into the iOS app or website and get ones that are catered to your taste. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the founders Anu and Suyog want to bring their passion of coffee into your home. This is perfect for that coffee lover on your list!

I’m more of a tea drinker myself but I brought my boyfriend along for this journey who has a cup of joe every morning. I also love that each bag is personalized and has the date and your name on it.

The Novice = Me

The Expert = The Boyfriend


Each resealable package has 2oz of beans that you grind and filter over your cup.


This “fruity” blend from Kenya contains grapefruit, cedar and melon. This is considered a light roast.



“The colour is light and the smell is a bit on the faint side. The taste was also lacking in my opinion but then again, it is a light roast. Although I’m not a coffee drinker, I prefer my tea strong so this is not my “cup of tea”…hehe.”


“I don’t like this one. It tastes like cardboard to me.” (He had nothing else to say because he really wasn’t feeling this one)


This “classic” blend from Nicaragua contains toffee, peanut and nut. This is considered a medium roast.



“You can definitely see that these beans are darker than the previous ones. They’re also more fragrant. The hint of nut gives it a nice aroma for sure!”


“The hint of nut is mild but you can taste it for sure. I like it better than the last one.”


This “balanced” blend from Brazil contains chocolate, peanut and citric. This is considered a medium roast as well.



“Why are these beans lighter than the last but considered a medium blend…The aroma is nice and not as bitter in my opinion.”


“It’s not a strong aroma coffee and has a nice light taste. I can’t taste it as much but still better than the first.” (If you haven’t caught on by now, he really hated the “fruity” blend, lol)


This “bold” blend from Papua New Guinea contains toffee, cocoa and dark chocolate. This is considered a dark roast.



“These beans are so dark! It’s so fragrant and the taste is so smooth. I didn’t think I would like the dark roast but it’s my favourite out of the four.”


“I like that it’s more bold and the taste is strong in this one. (His mom had some and actually wanted to pick up a bag!)”