Patisserie de Gascogne Review


4825 Rue Sherbrooke

(514) 932-3511

Pricing: Cheap – Average

Cuisine: Dessert

Type: Bakery/Cafe


Atmosphere: 8/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Patisserie de Gascogne on Urbanspoon

During a long road trip back to Toronto from Fredericton, me and my uncle stopped in Montreal to visit some old family friends. While driving on the road, we stopped by one of their favourite cafes. Montreal cafes are probably the closest thing to French cafes and I never say no to dessert.

I’m not a Coffee drinker but after three cubes of sugar and two milks, it becomes smooth and even thick. If all coffee tasted this great, I’d drink it everyday.

Creme Brulee is one of my favourite desserts so saying that Gascogne had the best one I’ve ever had says a lot. Something that a lot of people do is focus too much on the top layer because they think it’s the most important part. But there’s was so creamy and indulgent, it melted my taste buds.

What attracted me initially was the pack of colourful Mini Macrons. The strawberry (pink) was too sweet and the chocolate (dark brown) was too bitter. Everything else from the caramel to the butterscotch was divine though. The shell was crunchy and the filling was the perfect texture, not too creamy or jelly-like.

The Apple Turnover sounded promising but alas, it wasn’t. The only thing that was unsatisfying about it was the filling. Instead of using sliced apples, they used something similar to apple sauce. The taste was lost and it was just mush in my mouth.

Because the cafe is in Montreal, some of the staff spoke very little French. But the cashier did and was very accommodating, he even gave me free coffee!

Hodo Kwaja Bakery Review


656 Bloor Street West

(416) 538-1208

Pricing: Cheap

Cuisine: Korean

Type: Dessert/Snacks

Rating: 10/10

Hodo Kwaja on Urbanspoon

I’ve eaten these cakes ever since I could remember. Not because I’m Korean but because my aunt is. Her and my uncle would always bring over these little walnut shaped cakes and all of the kids would scarf them down like they were peanuts. They are literally the size of a walnut and you can easily just pop one (or two) into your mouth.

2013-08-10 20.56.33

They come in two fillings: red bean and mashed potato. You heard me, mashed potatoes (with a hint of cinnamon I believe). I find kids only eat the mashed potato one because it’s familiar and will always finish those off first. But for me, I actually prefer the red bean one because it’s sweeter. Did I mention it’s $1.50 for 6?!

2013-08-10 22.24.20

2013-08-10 22.24.32

I didn’t know where the cakes came from until I bought a box a few years ago and saw that it was the same box. Their sign used to be green, like you’ll see in the video below, but they have since changed it to match their boxes. It is now a maroon colour with hints of orange.

Although there are chairs and tables in this little shop, it’s really one of those places where you just grab and go. It operates like any other casual bakery, you pay and whatever you do after is your business.

They also serve red bean sorbet which is a Korean dessert made out of shaved ice with milk and things from red bean to a variety of fruits. This, I have not tried but will the next time I go in!

If you’ve never tried walnut cakes, then you’re missing out. These addictive little things will have you coming back for more and depending on when you go, you might just get them pipping hot or see them get made by that giant machine at the front.