Where: Somewhere North of Toronto

 Favourite Thing to Bake: Cookies & Cakes

 Favourite Thing to Cook: A Baked Casserole or Pasta Dish

Favourite Cuisine: Everything! But if I had to choose; Korean, Chinese, Greek and Italian

For more of my favourite things, check out this list :).

Where I’ll Be in Five Years: I’m a journalism grad with a Bachelor of Journalism (BJ, yeah, I know). I’m currently exploring my options and testing out the waters. Although it would be great if I was actually a working journalist but I’d be happy in whatever I do as long as I’m still writing; that’s my real passion.


I LOVE FOOD! And I figure many of you do too. Although it’s much easier to go out than to cook, I think it’s about time I stopped wondering and started doing it! This will serve as a food diary, review site and possibly an instructional guide.

I’ve already dipped my hands into baking but I’m somewhere between a beginner and an experimentalist. I know a bunch of tips and tricks but it’s nothing near perfection.

From time to time, I’ll also be posting restaurant reviews to let you know what’s good and what places to just avoid in the GTA and York Region so look out for those as well! I love visuals so all of my reviews come with colourful pictures. If I’m lucky enough to travel, there will be special features as well.

*If you’ve got any places to recommend or recipes for me to try, do forward them my way! Or just send me a friendly email, I love getting those too! Thanks!*

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  1. Luke

    There is a kiosk at Yonge & Finch that is delicious. I have not seen other street food like it. Is it authentic? I wish I knew, but it is delicious

    • Hi Luke :). Are you referring to the kiosk outside the Shoppers? It is delicious, I always get the red bean waffle. It is authentic and from my understanding, it’s a family run kiosk. Sometimes you’ll see her son there as well.

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