Jyuban Ramen Review


505 Highway 7 (Markham)

(905) 882-1188

Price: Average

Cuisine: Japanese

Type: Ramen


Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 6/10

Food: 6/10

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This ramen shop is a little hole in the wall and they don’t really have a front door either. You have to go into the plaza and use the side entrance.

It’s a good sized restaurant and the wall is littered with people’s drawings and their expressions of love for Jyuban. Maybe because of this, I had high expectations.

They pride themselves on not using MSG and preservatives and I was interested in how different that would be.

I had the Beef Shank Ramen in Jyuban Own Flavour which is their secret mixture in chicken broth. Not much description other than that but the beef shank was not fatty, pretty lean. The egg was also a bit too overcooked, not runny enough. You can definitely taste the difference with their broth being very clear and on the lighter side.

I have mixed feelings about this because I like my meat a little on the fatty side and my broth creamy. It’s not to my preference but my cousin loved it. She likes things a little simple and there it all comes down to what you like.

The Ramen in Butter Flavour is Hokkaido style ramen in saltĀ and chicken broth. It’s simple with no complex flavours and the egg and broth were the same as my dish. The butter gave it a nice subtle fatty flavour but you can only get so much with butter. It’s fun to watch it melt though.