Food Truck Festival Richmond Hill 2016


They had a few food truck festival around the GTA this summer so I decided to check out the one in Richmond Hill. It was at Richmond Green which is a great venue. There were quite a few trucks and different types of food to choose from but nothing really stood out which was disappointing.


This Steak Poutine was the highlight of the night. The fries were freshly fried and not starchy, the potatoes stay together and has a smooth texture. There was a good helping of meat and the melted cheese was the yummy glue that kept everything together.


This was supposed to be their Purple Lemonade but as you can see, it’s blue…

I was pretty disappointed not just by the colour but this was just blue Kool Aid. I didn’t even really taste the lemon…


These Pork Tacos were pretty good but not the best I’ve had. The shells were cold and not as soft as I would’ve liked. There was also too much sauce so when I picked one up, it was all over my hand. The meat wasn’t dry at least.


Ah, the best part, dessert! Me and my boyfriend shared this Strawberries and Cream Funnel Cake. I haven’t had a funnel cake in ages and since I had someone to share with, it was a no brainer! It was fresh like everything else and I like how they didn’t overflow the strawberry sauce. It could’ve had more ice cream though :p.

This intrigued me because it was a food truck festival but I thought it would have more interesting food. They had quite a bit of options but just your standard food trucks, nothing new and exciting. Maybe if I went to the Toronto one instead but I wanted to avoid a large crowd. I’ll know for next year!