Mac and Cheese Fest 2016


This was the 2nd annual Mac and Cheese Fest and I was hesitant to go to this one since the first one was such a failure (I didn’t even get any mac and cheese!). But I took a chance and I’m super glad I did.

This one was much more organized and the venue was at the Ontario Place island, which meant there was a lot more space for the vendors and foodies to wander about.


They implemented a ticket system which definitely saved time at the stalls. People aren’t fumbling for cash and and holding up lines and if you only have card, the ticket booths can accomodate.


This Five Cheese with Truffle Butter mac and cheese interesting. The truffle butter was strong and mixed with the five cheeses, it was a strong taste. I would’ve preferred something milder but it was still great.


This Italian Bacon and Cheese Mac was amazing! This one was more to my taste, still savoury but also a hint of saltiness. And the pasta was cooked to perfection, not overcooked like some of the others.


This Jerk Mac and Cheese with Jerk Chicken was so flavourful because of all the spices. Not only did you get pieces of jerk chicken but it was infused into the mac and cheese.


The Mac N Queso Tortilla Bowl was chorizo, pineapple salsa, creme fraiche and pickled jalapenos. The mac and cheese itself was great, nicely seasoned with a spicy kick. But the tortilla bowl tasted like cardboard. You’re paying extra for it but in the end, it’s just ging to go to waste. Such a shame.


The Mac Smash was one of my favourites. It was really simple but I loved how the mac and cheese, Doritos, lettuce, pico, sour cream and chili sauce came together. It’s also mess free and they use what they already have. They place everything into the bag and it’s your job to “smash” the Doritos and mix it up.


The Mac and Cheesecake Ice Cream was from the sme vendor and had cherry jolly rancher Mac, cheesecake ice cream, cinnamon crunch topped with a blueberry cheesecake drizzle. This was pretty amazing as well and I loved how they thought outside of the box. This sounds overwhelmingly sweet but it actually isn’t. I think a large part had to do with the cheesecake ice cream.


These Unicorn Cake Balls are basically just colourful battered cake pops without the stick. They were pretty good but probably the last thing I’d get out of everything. We used our last tickets on these because everything else was more than what we had :p.

I can’t wait to see what next year’s has in store. I hope it has a free shuttle again as well!