Sweetery 2015


The Sweetery is the first sweets festival in Toronto. This being its’ first year, it was very small and the lineups were pretty long but it was nice to have all these desserts in one place!

The festival took place in a small parking lot and had about a little more than 10 vendors. You can walk around the whole thing in 30 seconds.

2015-08-15 14.53.35

The most popular vendor there was definitely Christopher Siu who was a contestant on Masterchef Canada. There was a long lineup but even so, I didn’t wait as long as the others who came later. He was selling macarons and¬†Matcha¬†Crepe Cake. It was delicious, it came apart nicely and although you could taste a bit of the butter, it still tasted great with a strong matcha taste.

2015-08-15 15.30.55

This is a Peaches and Cream Milk. Funny story, I was going to get this one but with with another one at the last minute and I’m glad I did. This one tasted pretty bad and the portion was huge. The peach flavour was there but there was something else that was a little off, it was nothing that I’ve ever tasted before.

2015-08-15 15.32.14

The one I ended up getting was the Sakura Mochi Milk with red bean filling and sakura mochi. It was milky, sweet and had so much flavour. The shaved ice melted as soon as you put it in your mouth and in the middle of this giant bowl, is the sweet red bean filling; which pairs perfectly with the shaved ice. And that sakura mochi, so good!

2015-08-15 15.59.47

This fancy egg puff it the 3 Cheese with pizza mozzarella, cheddar, Monterey Jack and jalapeno. The egg puff was good but there wasn’t much filling at all. You couldn’t taste much of a difference which didn’t justify the extra $2 you spend but oh well.

Although the event is tiny, I would come if they had another one next year. I had a lot of good sweets and it would be nice to see what else they’ll have.