Shogun Sushi and Ramen


10097 Yonge Street #7 (Richmond Hill)

(905) 237-9369

Pricing: Average

Cuisine: Japanese

Type: Casual Restaurant


Atmosphere: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Service: 7/10

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Shogun is located along the streets of “downtown” Richmond Hill and it’s a little¬†shop stuck in-between two others so it can be hard to find at first.

The decor is simple enough with mahogany coloured wooden tables and benches. They have an open kitchen concept so you can see what’s cooking in the kitchen (if you’re interested that is). They have a pretty big variety but like a lot of Japanese restaurants in Toronto, this one is run by Chinese people.

Octopus Ball

Their Octopus Ball, also known as takoyaki, seems to be lacking a few ingredients like Japanese mayo and seaweed but it does a good job on satisfying your taste buds. The batter isn’t that chewy but the piece of octopus is a good size so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating a ball of dough.

Spicy Butter Fish Roll

The Spicy Butter Fish Roll was delicious! After I had my share, I wanted more so I stole my friend’s piece :p. Butter fish is already pretty creamy; add in some spicy mayo and panko and you’ve got one damn good roll!

Tonkotsu Ramen

I’m usually not a huge fan of soup but when it comes to ramen, I can’t say no. Their Tonkotsu Ramen was done really well actually. The broth was milky and the noodles were long and chewy. I wasn’t sure if the noodles were handmade or store-bought but either way, it made the dish good.

Volcano Salad

I’ve had Volcano Salad before and despite it being deep fried julienned cucumber, carrots and crab meat topped with spicy mayo, I love having it once in awhile. You have to ask yourself how something that tastes so good be bad for you! The batter makes it crunchy and the spicy mayo gives it a lot of flavour. But if you let it sit too long, the pieces will become soggy.

The food and service isn’t bad at all and I think if I lived in the area, I’d come here pretty often. There wasn’t anything really wrong with the food but at the same time, it didn’t stand out and it’s not very memorable.