Cheesecake Factory Review


1 Galleria Drive

(716) 685-2600

Pricing: Average – Pricey

Cuisine: American/Desserts

Type: Restaurant


Food: 7/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 6/10

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Sadly, Cheesecake Factory hasn’t made their way into Canada yet but luckily for me, it’s nothing a road trip can’t fix! This is something I would go over the border for, even with the enormously long wait time.


The Bread isn’t fresh out of the oven but it’s still fluffy on the inside and keeps its shape. They should really use a sharper knife though because as you can see, everything is pressed down.

Raspberry Lemonade

My Raspberry Lemonade was so fruity and refreshing. It wasn’t too sweet and was mostly juice instead of ice. I’d order this again in a heartbeat!

Strawberry Fruit Daiquiri

My friend Amy’s Strawberry Fruit Daiquiri was full of flavour as well. Daiquiri’s are her go-to drink and while I’m not a fan of slush drinks, there was less ice left over at the end which is always an added bonus.

Factory Nachos

The Factory Nachos are great for sharing . They didn’t skimp out on the toppings and while there was a good amount of cheese, maybe a little more wouldn’t hurt. The tortilla chips were crispy and stayed crunchy, even when wet.

Mushroom Burger 2

My Mushroom Burger came on a sesame bun (not my favourite) and was a good size. It held up well with the juices and wasn’t too big because of the lack of condiments; maybe some tomatoes and lettuce would be nice.

Macaroni and Cheese Burger

Their Macaroni and Cheese Burger is a heart attack waiting to happen and while the mix is a unique one, even those with big stomachs won’t be able to finish it all. It’s just too heavy to eat in one sitting. The pasta is a little soggy but it still tastes good with the rest of the burger.

Old Fashioned Burger

The Old Fashioned Burger patty seemed a little burned, which resulted in it being a little dry. There was some mayo to mask the taste but not enough sauces.

30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake

Even though the food was pretty delicious, what we were most excited for was the dessert. After all, it’s what everyone comes here for! I had their 30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake because based on the name, it seemed like a limited edition item and I liked the simplicity of cheesecake and chocolate (as opposed to the ones with extravagant sauces and fillings).

Oh how I wish they opened one in Canada already, particularly in the GTA. They’re known for their cheesecake but it helps that everything else on their menu is pretty great as well. If anyone from head office is reading this, I hope you take this wish seriously!