Olive Garden Review


1532 Military Road

(716) 297-3818


Type: Casual Restaurant

Cuisine: Italian

Pricing: Average- Moderate


Food: 5/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 7/10

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There are a few franchises that the US have that we here in Canada don’t, including Olive Garden. They’re slowing starting to make their way in but it looks like we’ll still have to go over the border for this one. But it’s only a short distance away so if you don’t mind a small drive, it won’t be a problem.

The food itself is mediocre and I’ve tasted better pasta at Moxie’s but it’s dirt cheap for an all-you-can-eat buffet. (Which is what I’m assuming what most people come here for)

Hot Artichoke-Spinach Dip

The Hot Artichoke-Spinach Dip is not part of the buffet and unfortunately, I can’t say too much about it since I’m allergic to artichokes but the way it’s displayed above is how it came out on the table. The tiny slices of bread looked like they were just thrown onto the plate. Not the best when it comes to presentation but the dip was said to be worth it.

Olive Garden House Salad

The Olive Garden House Salad is one of the options you can choose as the buffet appetizer. It has a very unique taste and is savoury and sweet. If it didn’t have onions or olives, it would’ve been better.

Italian Wedding

This is their version of Italian Wedding. It’s not authentic at all considering they used pasta shells instead of the tiny balls. It’s also supposed to be stewed for a longer period of time so that the broth becomes a little cloudy but this looked like it was just cooked. The taste was okay, although a little salty.

Marinara Cavatappi (Corkscrew)

The Marinara Cavatappi (Corkscrew) is one of the options available and like their starters, it was mediocre and even the sauce was cold.

Meat Sauce Whole Wheat Linguine

I will substitute whole wheat for many things but not on pasta. I hate the grainy texture and it’s just tasteless. Their Meat Sauce Whole Wheat Linguine was no different.

Asiago Garlic Alfredo Penne

The Asiago Garlic Alfredo Penne was my favourite, even though it got a little too salty near the end. But I find asiago cheese has a strong, savoury taste to it and it’s different from other cheeses.

Stuffed Chicken Marsala

The Stuffed Chicken Marsala isn’t part of the buffet and in all honesty, it looks the worst for your health (the deep fried chicken, cream sauce and shaved cheese), but it also looks the tastiest!

I find the franchise overrated and don’t find the food authentic at all but it’s a cheap and quick solution to a hungry stomach. On a positive note, you get your money’s worth but don’t be expecting anything more than cafeteria food with a tad more flavour.