Japas Review


692 Bloor Street West

(647) 748-8847


Type: Japanese Tapas & Oyster Bar

Cuisine: Japanese/Seafood

Price: Moderate – Pricey


Food: 7/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Japas Japanese Tapas and Oyster Bar on Urbanspoon

The great thing I love about tapas restaurants is the variety, you don’t have to stick with one dish. Japas is another Japanese tapas restaurant in Toronto that’s located in Koreatown near Christie. The place isn’t busy and only had a few people occupying their tables but it was lively nonetheless.

Our servers were very friendly and helpful, even when they didn’t have a lot of things on their menu which was disappointing and didn’t make sense since they weren’t very busy. But it was still a good experience and the food was quite filling.

Japas Punch (Cranberry, Apple, Sprite)

I initially wanted an alcoholic drink but I happened to pick the one drink that was a virgin cocktail. The Japas Punch is a mix of cranberry juice, apple juice and Sprite. It’s very refreshing and I love the bittersweet taste it gives off with the added bubbly.

Malpque Mussels

Even though they have a menu of more than 20 different types of mussels, they only had their Malpque Oysters available. It was a little dissapointing but they were still fresh and I loved the sauces. I wish they had bigger types of mussels though, it was a little short-lived.

Yaki Scallops

Their Yaki Scallops were only four scallops but at least they included some grilled veggies (the zucchini being my favourite!). It was also a little cold…

Kushiyaki Set

The Kushiyaki Set is various skewers of meat including beef, chicken and lamb. Aside from the lamb, the skewers were a little too dry with the chicken being the worst.

Gyu Tongue Spring Roll

The Gyu Tongue Spring Roll sounded good on paper but in reality, it was only mediocre. There wasn’t that much tongue meat and the salad definitely overpowered everything else.

Bincho Tataki

The Bincho Tataki was my least favourite. It had a really strong fishy odour, I took a bite out of one and gagged a little. Not even the sweet soy sauce could mask the smell.

Fried Calamari

Their Fried Calamari is crispy and doesn’t fall apart when you dip it in their sauces. It’s good calamari but still not the best I’ve eaten. I like it crispy at first but soft and chewy after. If it were an onion ring, it would be perfect.

Beef Tataki Salad

I like their Beef Tataki Salad because it has more beef than salad, and that doesn’t happen too often! It’s mostly raw but it seems they seared it a bit before slicing it. It’s lightly seasoned and drizzled with a salty sweet vinagrette.

Mini Okonomiyaki

The Mini Okonomiyaki could’ve used more sauce but it was still delicious. There was a good balance of batter and fillings and it wasn’t too salty or bland.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

And of course, Black Sesame Ice Cream was for dessert! You can’t go wrong with ice cream, it’s the one dessert that I can eat everyday because there are so many flavours and variations.

If I’m in the area, I’ll return but I’ll make sure they have more than one option for their oysters first.