Szechuan Szechuan


1 Bass Pro Mills Drive (Vaughan Mills Mall)

(905) 738-8398

Pricing: Average – Pricey

Cuisine: Western Chinese/Fusion



Food: 7/10

Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 6/10

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The restaurant is attached to Vaughan Mills mall and prior to this visit, I’ve only eaten here once, when they first opened. The reason I didn’t return was because I found the food to be very Western and didn’t have much authenticity. I thought that after five years, I’d give them another try.

Avocado Hand Roll

Their Avocado Hand Roll seems to have a little too much rice and not enough avocado. When this happens, you’re pretty much filling up on empty carbs and not getting your money’s worth.

Mango Golden Roll

The Mango Golden Roll is a maki roll filled with crab meat, cucumbers and  shrimp tempura with an outer layer of sliced mango. The taste is surprisingly good but it falls apart very easily. Even before I dipped it into soy sauce, the insides were already falling out. It looks like someone needs to practice rolling.

Singapore Rice Noodle

The Singapore Rice Noodle is thin rice noodles stir-fried with vegetables with a mildly spicy sauce. This dish was made very well and wasn’t spicy at all. I can’t even say it had a kick because it was so light.

Shrimp Pad Thai

The Shrimp Pad Thai has giant succulent pieces of shrimp and was fairly sweet. Usually it’s a little tangy but I didn’t really taste it in their dish. I personally like things a little sweeter but I believe it’s important to stay true to its real taste.

The food isn’t bad but I wouldn’t recommend it or suggest going here if you’re looking for a place to go. If others want to try it out, go with them but you don’t have to come back.