Cafe Princess


5590 Yonge Street

(416) 733-9600

Pricing: Cheap

Cuisine: Dessert

Type: Cafe


Atmosphere: 8/10

Food: 7/10

Service: 7/10

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I fell in love with Princess Cafe as soon as I stepped in. Their are large luxurious sofas placed around the quaint cafe that feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. The only problem with this is that to enjoy your food, you have to lean over the low table which is a pain after awhile. They also have regular round tables if you want something a little more practical.

Iced Honey Jin Citron

My friend ordered the Iced Honey Jin Citron because she was a little under the weather. She had it before when it was hot but never tried it iced. I had a sip of it and it was amazing! I can’t quite describe it into words but it has a sweet ginger, lemony taste that’s a bit like lemonade. It’s one of those things you have to try yourself!

Iced Cafe Latte

I had a plain old Iced Cafe Latte that was bland in particular and didn’t have enough sugar. It’s not even particularly strong coffee, it tastes like an instant blend.

Red Tea Latte

The hot Red Tea Latte was mildly sweet but was a little watery. But it is an interesting concept.

Fruit Parfait

I ordered the Fruit Parfait the first time I went because I had a little obsession with parfaits for a little while. I’m not talking about the ones you find at McDonalds or Tim Hortons, I’m talking about REAL parfaits with yogurt, whipped cream, fruit, ice cream ¬†and crunchy granola. The combination of everything worked well together and even though they used some canned fruit, I didn’t care. It’s so delicious! I’ll definitely try the chocolate one next time!

Chocolate Ice Cream

The also offer individual scoops of ice cream for those looking for something lighter. The Chocolate Ice Cream is complete with a rosette cream, strawberries and a drizzle of condensed milk.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

The Cookies and Cream Ice Cream has the same toppings but in my opinion, this flavour is much better, hehe.

Red Bean Sherbet

The Red Bean Sherbet is usually just red bean and shaved ice but they make it their own by adding corn flakes, ice cream and fresh fruit. When it’s placed in front of you, you think it’s pretty but wonder if it’ll work. Surprisingly, it does and is nothing like I never tasted. There are different types of sherbets and each one actually comes with a different cereal.

Snow White

I love the name they gave the Snow White, even though it doesn’t relate to the dish at all. It’s three scoops of ice cream in whatever flavours you like with fresh fruit and wafers. The ice cream isn’t homemade or anything special. To be honest, it’s probably the kind you can find at any supermarket but the presentation is nice.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

They have various cakes that are homemade and delivered from a local bakery. I tried the Chocolate Mousse Cake and while it was fairly good, it was a little too sweet. I also think they had it out too long because some of the corners had hardened and tasted a bit stale.

Strawberry Jam and Whipped Cream Waffle Sandwich

I didn’t personally try the Strawberry Jam and Whipped Cream Waffle Sandwich but my friend who did couldn’t stop raving about it! She said it was warm and fluffy and the jam was melted so that it too was nice and warm. I have to try this myself as well!

I plan on trying everything on their menu since it’s not too big and I’ve already been back three times so it’s only a matter of time!