Bashu Sichuan Review


4559 Hurontario Street

(905) 568-9988

Pricing: Average

Cuisine: Szechuan Chinese

Type: Casual Restaurant


Atmosphere: 7/10

Food: 6/10

Service: 4/10

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A co-worker of mine took me out for dinner before her big trip to China. She recommended this restaurant because of the good food but warned me about the bad service; bad was an understatement.

No one greeted us when we arrived so we ended up seating ourselves. It also took them about five minutes to bring menus to our tables and whenever we tried to call someone over, they were never available! It irritated me but my friend was a good sport about it and I didn’t want to ruin the meal.

Sichuan food is known to be very spicy. You can still have Sichuan (sometimes spelled Szechuan) food but your choices may be limited.

Mooshu Pork

The Mooshu Pork was non-spicy and had one of the best wraps I’ve ever had. Similar to peking duck, you take a piece of meat and veggies and wrap it any way you like. I like to fold it like a spring roll so that nothing drips out. The pork was soft and tender but there was a little too much sauce.

Stewed Lamb in Hot Pot

The Stewed Lamb in Hot Pot was spicy but manageable. However, the meat in the soup is a little too fatty. The grease from the meat also affected the soup base. I’d skip this one because it’a not very appetizing and reminds me of watery, oily water.

Fish Fillets with Pickled Vegetables

I really wanted to love the Fish Fillets with Pickled Vegetables; the fish was tender and melted in your mouth and the cabbage was pickled. But the soup was so spicy and sour that I couldn’t take two bites without drinking water! If I could handle spicy food, I would absolutely love it!

If you’re into spicy food, give this place a try, but only if you have a lot of patience. I guess others thought the food made up for the service but hospitality is important to me as well so for that, they lose points.