Dynasty House Seafood Review


1635 Lawrence Avenue West

(416) 246-1771

Pricing: Cheap

Cuisine: Chinese

Type: Dim Sum (for this review)


Atmosphere: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Service: 7/10

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The reason I don’t really review dim sum restaurants is because there is no menu so I don’t want to give you guys the wrong information. But luckily, Dynasty House has one so you can order beforehand instead of waiting for the cart to come by.

I used to come here all the time when I was younger because I used to live somewhat close by. It hasn’t changed too much and still has that nice family feel.

Beef Rice Roll

Shrimp Rice Roll

One of the most popular dishes at any dim sum restaurant is the Beef Rice Roll, as well as theĀ Shrimp Rice Roll (pictured second). The outer layer is chewy and the sweet soy sauce gives it just the right amount of flavour without overdoing it. And kids love it!

Siu Mai

Their Siu Mai was nice and simple; just pork and the wrapper. I hate when they add unnecessary things like veggies and while I love shrimp, I don’t think siu mai should have it.

Har Gow

MY personal favourite is the Har Gow, mostly for the chewy skin but because like the siu mai, it’s nice and simple with just shrimp. I think that’s why these two dishes are the ones people recognize the most.

Steamed Beef Tripe

If you’ve ever had Vietnamese Pho, you may have had Steamed Beef Tripe before. It’s an internal organ that not many will consume in their lifetime but it’s a great thing to try. It has to be seasoned because by itself, it’s not very appetizing. This might not look like it but it’s seasoned well.

Curry Cuttlefish

My favourite type of seafood (and I love seafood) is anything of the squid and octopus variety. So naturally, Curry Cuttlefish is something that I love. I can’t handle anything too spicy but they always make it mild so I can eat the whole thing if I wanted to.

Deep Fried Squid

Their Deep Fried Squid is made nicely with an even amount of batter. The outside is somewhat crispy and the squid itself is soft but not stringy.

Duck Egg with Roasted Pork Congee

I love congee (rice porridge) of all kinds, and that includes this Thousand Year Old Egg with Roasted Pork Congee. Thousand year old egg isn’t actually something that’s been preserved for 1000 years (that would be gross). It’s just a name and while the black egg may surprise people at first, it’s quite good with its’ own unique taste.

Egg Tarts

I find that there are two types of shells Egg Tarts can have; the flaky pastry kind and the one that’s more like a cookie (which is the one that this one has). It just came out of the oven so it was still warm but cool enough to eat. It was sweet and had just enough sugar to blend well with the eggs without taking away from it.

Sweet Taro Dumplings

Sweet Taro Pastry is a cross between a dessert and a snack. It has a crispy outer shell but the filling is somewhat savoury. As much as a like them, I can only eat it halfway before it gets a little bland. Not because it’s not made well but because of the taro. The only great dessert I’ve ever had made out of the vegetable was taro cut into small cubes and coated with a glaze of sugar cane.

This restaurant may not specialize as a dim sum establishment but they do serve pretty decent dim sum. It takes care of any, if not all, of your cravings.