Imperial Rolls


A lot of people confuse imperial rolls with spring rolls. The first one is mostly made out of fresh ingredients while the later is deep fried.

My family likes to have this for dinner and get togethers because everyone sits around the table and has a nice long chat. You also get to put what you like in it (minus the mint leaves for me!).

On this particular day, we had sliced cucumbers, Vietnamese pork sausages, vermicelli rice noodles, beef, lettuce and mint (not shown above). You can really put anything you’d like in them, it’s a personal preference; shrimp, parsley, carrots and pork skin are also great choices.

Fill a large bowl with hot water so that you can dip rice paper in. You can find them in any Asian supermarket and when they aren’t “cooked”, they are fragile so be careful. Each side only needs to touch the water for about three seconds. If you leave it in too long, it’ll become too thin and rip very easily when you wrap it.

Just like everything else, everyone has their own style. A lot of people like to place it closer to the edge but I like it smack in the middle.

Some people like to fold the bottom over first but I do the sides first.

It all ends up like this anyways. From here, you hold the stuffing together by pressing down while you roll. If you submerged the paper for the right amount of time, it shouldn’t rip. If it does anyways, try a different brand of rice paper.

Voila! The finished product! Now make about six more of these and you’ll be ready to eat. I like to dip it in a peanut sauce that my aunt is known for but if that’s not available, you can always use fish sauce (also available at Asian supermarkets).