Toula Ristorante Review


1 Harbourfront Square

(416) 777-2002

Pricing: Very Expensive

Cuisine: Italian

Type: Fine Dining


Atmosphere: 6/10

Food: 2/10

Service: 7/10

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An acquaintance of mine organized a Summerlicious dinner at Toula. I like to do research beforehand and at the time, they had a rating of 27 per cent of Urbanspoon with nothing but negative reviews. So I didn’t have very high expectations. But who knew I’d be going to the worst restaurant I’ve ever eaten at.

It’s known for it’s view that overlooks the Harbourfront and while it is nice, it’s not breathtaking.


I love polenta but their Cortina’s Wild Mushroom Alessandro was a pile of watery goop. It was runny and just ran through my fork. The mushrooms are lightly sauteed in rosemary and red wine topped with cheese fondue.


The Giudecca Salad comes with crispy bacon, walnuts, toasted croutons in an apple vinaigrette topped with parmigiano reggiano. Let’s just say I should’ve gone for the salad.


The La Torre would’ve been my last choice because I’m not a fan of eggplant at all. The eggplant is wrapped in mozzarella and oven baked with fresh tomato and basil sauce. The dish was so cold and the cheese broke apart with just one bite.


For my main dish, I had the Atlantic Pan Seared Salmon, served over a lemon risotto and drizzled in a warm chardonnay sauce. The salmon was nice and tender as was the asparagus. But the thing I was looking forward to, the risotto, was horrible. It was so sour that my face couldn’t help but squirm; the rice wasn’t even cooked properly! That’s right, it was raw.

The Tagliatelle “Romeo and Juliet” didn’t look much better. The pasta broke apart easily and there was very little meat in the lamb ragu.


Even though the mains were a failure, dessert seemed to be their forte. Of course, I went for the Toula Classic Tiramisu. The almond cookie was a great touch and at least dessert was the right temperature, cold.

The Toula Classic Homemade Vanilla Gelato Affogato was blended well but the gelato was half-melted. It would’ve been better if the hot espresso came on the side and you pour it in yourself.

I’d avoid this restaurant because it’s not even worth the view, let alone the food.