Spin Dessert Cafe Review


2177 Yonge Street

(416) 322-7746


Pricing: Cheap

Cuisine: Desserts

Type: Cafe


Atmosphere: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Service: 7/10

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Located in a posh looking area of Toronto, the cafe itself comes across as very modern and hip but don’t be afraid, their prices aren’t through the roof. I bought a voucher online and just a little warning, $40 goes a long way between two people. To be honest, too much!

I’m a huge fan of Second Cup‘s Chillers so I had to try their version of a Frozen Hot Chocolate. It’s sooooo good, I had a party in my mouth. It’s really thick and bursting with chocolate goodness. This is the drink to get.

The Noccio Affogato is a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of hazelnut ice cream and topped with more hazelnuts and hazelnut sauce. The contrast between hot and cold is different but I like how it brought out the flavours more and sweetened the espresso.

You wouldn’t think to order a Pesto Chicken Pizza at a dessert cafe but they do it right. The crust is thin but the dough is flavoured because of all the spices that they used. But don’t worry, it’s not overly salty either. The pesto sauce with grilled chicken breast, roasted red peppers and mushrooms topped with mozzarella is a nice little addition.

Onto dessert! The first one is the With or Without You Crepe; mint chocolate chip ice cream topped with brownies, chocolate curls and hot fudge. It’s mouth-wateringly good but after the drinks and pizza, we were having a hard time finishing it.

This is exactly what it looks like, a Lava Cake. You get an individual portion filled with 73 per cent dark chocolate with a side of vanilla ice cream and Oreo crumbs. My taste buds were a little numb from all the sweets so I couldn’t even finish this one. But the first few bites were warm and enticing.

I’d definitely go back because the food is great and the prices are very reasonable. It’s also fairly quiet and the booths are very high so you and your friends will be undisturbed. But I’ll stick with one dessert next time instead of two and a half.