Spoon & Fork Review


11 Colossus Drive

(905) 856-7788


Pricing: Average

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Type: Modern Restaurant (AYCE option)


Atmosphere: 7/10

Food: 9/10

Service: 6/10

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Spoon and Fork is the one Asian fusion restaurant that I like because the food didn’t taste like a giant mess. I’ve been to others before but it doesn’t mean I went to them out of my own free will.

While the food is great here for the price you pay, the service is a hit of miss. I divided the review up by two separate visits and the first one was horrible. He forgot my soup, it took me and my friend ages to flag them down whenever we wanted something, and I still tipped him.

I didn’t go for the all you can eat the first time around but I did have sushi. I went for the Sushi Set C – Sushi and Maki Deluxe. There is more fish than rice and my plate was covered in beautiful rose petals. The photo looks like it came right out of a magazine!

My friend Priya ordered the Pad Thai and she enjoyed it very much. It was sweet, just the way she wanted.

The second time I went was with family for my birthday and we had an AYCE feast! I started off with the Blue Lychee, a sweet alcoholic concoction that was packed with sugar.

Above is the Popcorn Chicken, which was crunchy and tender, with a plum sauce. You’ll can also see the Edamame in the corner, with the beans ¬†overcooked.

I don’t get why they felt the need to add some broken fries beside the Chicken Katsu, especially when it did nothing for it. Both were dry and could have been avoided.

The Fried Tofu may have had a thin shell but that’s the way it should be with tofu because it keeps the inside soft and jiggly. A hard shell might suggest that it’s been overcooked.

The Inari, sushi rice in tofu pockets, is small and although most people complain about there being too much rice, there could be more in this one.

Unless you go to a top notch Japanese restaurant, sashimi will most likely be frozen first, defrosted, then served to you. Whether or not they can hide the taste depends on the chef. Their Octopus Sashimi is good but the taste is faint. If it’s fresh (never frozen), there should be a strong but smooth sea smell.

I love hand rolls, especially Spicy Salmon Hand Rolls, because you don’t need to dip them in soy sauce. This one too.

I love how their Sushi Pizza is bite-sized. It makes it so much tastier and gives it so much more crunch. I could have four of these!

I don’t remember the exact names of the Sushi we ordered but they all tasted fantastic. The rice stuck together well and there was a good balance between the two.

I definitely recommend stopping by here, but only if you can put up with the lack in service. I got a lazy newbie the first time but the second time was a hit. The decor is also very modern and beautiful but it doesn’t relate to the cuisine. It’s actually more Western than anything.