Axia Resto Bar Review


4300 Steeles Avenue East (2nd floor of Pacific Mall)

(905) 475-2345

Pricing: Average (Daily Specials)

Cuisine: Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Asian Fusion)

Type: Restaurant

Rating: 8/10

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Every time I go to Pacific Mall with my lovely cousin Bridget, we always eat here. I don’t know why, I guess it’s our thing I guess. It’s like how some of you take those photo booth pictures every time you go to the mall. You’ve probably seen the restaurant, it’s in your view when you head up the escalators and is also attached to Bubble Tease. They have an open concept so there are no walls that confine you and those passing by can peak at what you’re eating. One time we went, we ended up sitting right at the edge and brought in so many customers for them! We were like human advertisers!

They have so many options because it’s a mix of three cultures. The other thing I love is that they give you free side dishes like a Korean restaurant would; complete with kimchi, bean sprouts, seaweed, jap chae (glass noodles) and pickled radishes. As an additional appetizer, we ordered one of their specialty sushi rolls. I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of it but there should be a picture of it on the sushi page.

Side Dishes


Looks delish right =)? Well, don’t get excited just yet; we haven’t even gotten to the main course!

Tempura Udon

Tempura Udon 2


If you order the Tempura Udon, the soup and tempura come separately so that the tempura stays crispy. The udon soup looked a little too simple to be honest and the noodles broke apart pretty often.

Maki Roll Bento

Bridget was craving rolled sushi¬†so what better option is there then the Maki Roll¬†Bento Box? It came with more servings of the side dishes, rice, fried shrimp and assorted vegetables. I forgot to mention that almost all meals come with miso soup and green salad as well. I think for the bento boxes, it would’ve been a better idea to give customers something different because the side dishes are free and you can just ask for more. It would give customers more of an incentive to order them. That’s just my two cents.

The food is good and it’s location isn’t hard to get to but for some reason I can’t give it a nine or a ten. The service is great too but it’s one of those places where its taste isn’t distinct. You leave feeling full and satisfied but the next day, it’ll only be a memory. I say go and try it if you haven’t, it’s worth the visit if you happen to be in the area but by all means don’t trek there just to eat.