Sugar Marmalade Review


5322 Yonge Street

(416) 226-5434

Pricing: Average

Cuisine: Taiwanese

Type: Dessert/Snacks


Atmosphere: 7/10

Service: 7/10

Food: 8/10

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This is a great place for Taiwanese snacks and desserts. There are currently two locations, one in the Yonge-Finch area and one in downtown Chinatown. They have plans to open two more in Hamilton and Markham.

They have a huge selection of snacks and an even bigger selection of desserts. I’ve tried a few of both on different trips and would suggest getting both!

Deep Fried Beef Balls

The Deep Fried Beef Balls comes with a sweet and sour sauce that goes well with it. They’re bite-sized and aren’t plain at all with a small hint of spices.

Durian Custard Sweet Dumplings 1

I had to get the Durian Custard Sweet Dumplings and if you love durian, I highly recommend them! It’s fresh and so chewy.

Durian Custard Sweet Dumplings 2

This is the inside and it’s a sweet and fragrant smell. The texture is smooth they didn’t cheap out on the durian!

Golden Macau and Oreo Macau Pudding

Their Golden Macau and Oreo Macau Pudding was smooth and is a little pricey for the size and what’s in it (cream!) but it’s goooooood. I have yet to try their parfaits but those are next! Which are a step up from their puddings.

Golden Roll Supreme

The Golden Roll Supreme is a mango explosion wrapped with a rice roll. You’ll see things like this often in Chinese dessert places with different variations. They’re worth trying once although it’s not my personal favourite but it could be yours.

Green Tea with Red Bean Shaved Ice

There are two different kinds of shaved ice most people know; Korean (small bits of crushed ice) and Taiwanese (smooth, melt in your mouth shavings). Their Green Tea with Red Bean Shaved Ice is AMAZING! It’s flavoured with a good amount of matcha and the sweetness of the red beans goes well with the bitter green tea.

Hong Kong Style Steam Rice Rolls

I love the hot rice rolls when they’re nice and soft which is why I prefer them as a meal than in my dessert. Their Hong Kong Style Steam Rice Rolls was exactly what I was craving that day and it may seem plain but that salty oyster sauce gives it a lot of depth.

Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken

And of course, their Taiwanese Style Popcorn Chicken. It’s lightly breaded and very tender. Like everything else, it comes to your table hot!

A YouTube Channel?!


Okay folks, I think it’s about time I start a YouTube channel. It’s been brought to my attention before and I never really thought about it until I did a little more research and though “hey, I can totally do this!”

I’ve been looking at similar channelsĀ but there aren’t that many that fit the vibe I’m going for so I think that’ll be good for me. Something lighthearted and fun :).

Most of the prep is done, just waiting for some equipment to come in so I can start filming!

You can check out the channel in the mean time but there aren’t any videos yet. But feel free to admire the beautiful banner and icon, hehe.

Purple Spatula YouTube Channel

Poppin Cooking


2015-12-30 15.15.11

I’ve always wanted to try making one of these Poppin Cooking sets and there’s so many different kinds out there, it was hard to choose. But I ended up with this one because it seemed different.

Make note that these are a little pricey since it’s imported from Japan but sometimes they’ll be on sale.

2015-12-30 15.20.05

If you look closely around the package, you’ll notice dotted lines where you’re supposed to cut. They make the most use out of the packaging so there’s less garbage. It’s important you don’t rip the bag because you will be using it as a placemat, stencil and measuring tool!

2015-12-30 15.20.52

Everything is packaged separately and colour coordinated so you’ll know which bag is for which step. It’s not shown here but the back of the box has full instructions on what to mix, what to measure with and everything you need to know.

I would’ve shown more of the steps but I’m using my hands to make everything and didn’t want to spread germs from my phone.

2015-12-30 15.53.30

Using my cut out as the placemat, here is everything me and my boyfriend made. I heard it would taste disgusting but it’s nat as bad as people say it is. Everything was edible and I think it’s a fun activity to do. It’s not something that will satisfy your cravings but it’s a fun experience.

Northern Dumpling Kitchen Review


550 Highway 7 East (Richmond Hill)

(905) 881-3818

Price: Very Cheap

Cuisine: Chinese

Type: Dumpling House


Food: 9/10

Service: 6/10

Atmosphere: 6/10

Northern Dumpling Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

My friend introduced me to this place and I was amazed at how cheap it was! Two people can definitely eat for less than $20. Not to mention that they’re made in house so it’s all fresh and pipping hot.

Crab Meat & Corn Soup

You get your money’s worth with theirĀ Crab Meat & Corn Soup. There isn’t too much access liquid and is flavoured nicely and not too saucy. The bowl isn’t too large either and can be shared with 2-3 people max.

Deep Fried Silver Roll

The Deep Fried Silver Roll is a deep fried white but with condensed milk on the side. You’re supposed to dip the bread into the milk for a sweet and savoury snack. We get this every time.

Pan Fried Cabbage and Pork Dumplings

Their Pan Fried Cabbage and Pork Dumplings has a good amount of filling that’s so tender. The skin is also fried to a light crisp, perfection.

Steamed Mushroom and Pork Dumplings

I prefer my dumplings fried but their Steamed Mushroom and Pork Dumplings aren’t all that bad either! The filling is tender for this one as well and I love that they don’t put much (if any) green onions.

Umaibo Corn Snack



I first discovered these snacks in the Skoshbox monthly boxes and fell in love. You can get them here and while it’s not that pricey, they’re chump change in Japan. (around 20 cents each!)

While in Tokyo, I saw a few stores that had shelves stocked with Umaibo in so many different flavours. I stocked up at one of them and got some in takoyaki, teriyaki, curry rice, pizza, hamburger, premium pepper steak and the others I’m not sure lol.

They’re pretty close when it comes the flavour although some of them are pretty similar. The best one (and most accurate) is probably the takoyaki one.

It’s basically puffed corn with a salty powdered exterior. It’s probably not that healthy for you which is why they’re the size they are to prevent you from eating too many. Or it just makes for a great lunch snack.

Bakery Nakamura Review


3160 Steeles Avenue East (Markham)

(905) 477-3555

Price: Cheap

Cuisine: Japanese

Type: Bakery


Food: 8/10

Atmosphere: —

Service: 7/10

Bakery Nakamura Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

This bakery is located inside the mini supermarket in J-town. It’s a great place to get Japanese inspired buns and cakes. Don’t go in hungry though or you’ll want to get everything!

Black Sesame Cheesecake

Their Black Sesame Cheesecake wasn’t really what I expected. Japanese cheesecake is more spongy while Western cheesecake is heavy and cream cheese based. This was neither and was a bit more like a mousse cake. Not as much flavour as I would’ve liked but not bad.

Melon Bread

I love Melon Bread and the top layer was thick, just how I like it. The bun could’ve been a little softer but I was there close to the end of the day so I can’t blame them. I would get these again either way!

Strawberries and Peaches

This is just Strawberries and Peaches but it tastes amazing; the cake is pillowy soft and the fruit is fresh. It has just the right amount of sweetness and is perfect.

Yakisoba Bun

The Yakisoba Bun is a little odd to some but makes a great quick lunch or big snack. It’s stir-fried yakisoba noodles…in a bun. The bun is soft and chewy, making it clean to eat (no crumbs!). I had one in Japan as well and it tastes identical so it’s pretty authentic!