Skoshbox June 2015 Review


Time for another snack roundup ^-^!

2015-06-09 20.34.29

2015-06-09 20.37.14

Honey Nut Pretz Sticks

There are so many different flavours of Pretz so it’s always interesting to try one of their new ones. This one is a very unique flavour. I can’t quite explain it but it’s sweet with a very fragrant nutty taste. For me, I feel Pretz should be salty and savoury, if I wanted something sweet, I’d go for Pocky.

Super Energy Candy

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought because it was something that would give me energy, I pictured something more herbal and less fruity. But it’s actually quite pleasant. Whether or not it actually gives you energy is a different story. I think because the outside is super sour, that wakes you up right away but that’s only for a few seconds.

Super Mario Gum + Card Game

The gum is that blue generic soda flavoured one you get in every package of Japanese gum; it loses it’s flavour fast and it’s so thin you can’t blow bubbles with it either. But the cards you get are kind of neat. But to be honest, you’ll only enjoy it if you’re five. It’s a matching card game where you flip them over and try to match two up. As much as I like Mario, it could be more appealing.

Rubella Cigars

These sound interesting but it’s really just a really long butter cookie. Great marketing though…I think.

Sylvene Mini Cake Slice

You can get two kinds; vanilla or chocolate. I got the chocolate and it comes in a cute little triangle. It’s literally a tiny piece of cake. But it’s not fresh and you can taste the preservatives. I’d rather take a walk/drive to my local bakery.

Anpanman Soft Senbei

Another popular Japanese character smacked on the front of package. If you’ve ever had a rice cracker, this is pretty much all it is. But I like rice crackers so this was a nice bonus.

Home Pie: Cookie Layers

They’ve included this in a previous box and although I would’ve liked something new, I did enjoy it the first time. It’s a flaky, buttery cookie; similar to those layered pastry looking heart cookies you find at Chinese bakeries.

Cheese Umaibo Stick

I love these corn puff-like sticks. No matter what the flavour, I almost always like these the best. Cheese is nice and simple but it still gives it a salty kick!

Bangkok Night @ Bangkok Garden


I was invited to a great event located at Bangkok Garden. As a foodie and lover of authentic Thai food, I’m ashamed to say that I did not know about them until that night.


Taking place on the evening of June 26th, you walk up a flight of stairs not really knowing what to expect but when you get to the top and scope the entrance, it has a nice atmosphere; a nice blend of modern and traditional.

Flash Tattoo Table

Before we started our night, me and my friend decided to get flash tattoos. There were many designs to choose from and only took a few minutes.

Elephant Flash Tattoo

Did I also mention the result is amazing? <3

Ginger Melon Sangria

A good way to start a girl’s night is always with a couple of drinks. They offered Singha beer (a premium Thai lager) but we were more interested in the cocktails of the night.

The Ginger Melon Sangria consisted of melon liquor, pinot grigio, ginger beer, lime juice and club soda. It was their take on a white wine sangria with hints of a sweet Thai taste.

Sweet Heat

Their Sweet Heat was stronger with tequila, lime juice, passionfruit  liquor, passionfruit juice and a red chilli pepper. We opted to go without the pepper because we were too chicken (don’t judge!).

Photo 2015-06-25, 6 57 25 PM

When you walk further in, there’s actually a second room that’s more decorated and where all the food is. There are tables scattered around and while it doesn’t seem like much, people are always moving about so it doesn’t take long to find an empty spot.

With the smaller appetizers, there are servers circulating the room passing them out but you can also approach them as well.

Mango Sticky Rice

This is their Mango Sticky Rice and I loved that they used a dried banana leaf as the “plate”. It’s adorable and very Instagram-worthy!

The sticky rice was blended with a bit of coconut milk which made it sweet while the mango was a little tart and gave it a contrasting taste.

Deep Fried Banana

I wish I got a better picture of their Deep Fried Banana but this is so you get a general idea. They were made fresh and the batter was cooked to crispy perfection!

Grilled Shrimp

Their Grilled Shrimp is also made on the spot and seasoned and oh-so-yummy. To be honest, you can grill anything and it’ll taste great with some salt and pepper but maybe there was a little something extra like some lime juice or secret ingredient?

Grilled Shrimp Chef

The staff are very friendly here too! They even said yes when I asked to take their picture :).

Rice Noodle Soup Station

This is the one main dish you had to line up for and although the line is long, it moves very fast. One person prepares the noodle while the chef puts in the condiments and soup.

Rice Noodle Soup

Their Rice Noodle Soup has shreds of chicken breast, cilantro, green onions, red peppers, dried onion and some spices. This may have been one of the best dishes of the night; even though the peppers were in the soup for a few minutes, the damage was done and I could feel my tongue heating up. But it was so good I couldn’t stop!

Chicken Pad Thai

Whenever this dish came out, it would be gone in seconds so you had to be fast in catching them. With this packaging, who could resist?

Chicken Pad Thai f

When I finally got my hands on the Chicken Pad Thai, it was a bit of a let down to be honest. It could’ve been the box it was in but I felt the flavour wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked it.

Mango Salad

The one thing I love about a Thai Mango Salad is that the fruit itself is sweet in it’s own way but it’s more on the sour side. But they use something of a sweet dressing and the added cilantro gives it a bit of a kick.

Cucumber Chicken Salad

This Cucumber Chicken Salad was very refreshing and light. It disappeared in two bites but packed quite a punch.

Dragon Bite

They call this the Dragon Bite. It’s unclear what this is exactly but I believe is may be the dark meat of a chicken. It’s similar to General Tao chicken; sour and sweet.

Chicken Skewers

The Chicken Skewers were partially seasoned but a little too dry. Probably my least favourite of the night.

Photo 2015-06-25, 6 56 21 PM

I love the decoration they have out. I’ll have to come back on a regular day to see if this is part of their regular decor.

Peanuts and Fried Seaweed

After trying everything once and wanting to just sit down and chat, we grabbed some of their Fried Seaweed and Glazed Peanuts. The peanuts had a sugary, spicy glaze that made them too addicting. The seaweed has a different texture and isn’t as flaky as roasted seaweed. The oil also gives it an added taste.

Fruit Bear

Look at this adorable bear made out of fruits and veggies!

On a serious note, I loved a majority of the food there and like all restaurants, not everything is going to be amazing but they’ve got a pretty good selection. I would definitely recommend checking it out for any occasion and I would imagine it would make a great date.

Check out their website for future events and taste testings!

Li’s House 1988 Review


3225 Highway 7 East


Pricing: Pricey

Cuisine: Northern Mongolian

Type: Restaurant (the “no sweats” kind)


Atmosphere: 8/10

Food: 7.5/10

Service: 7/10

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This restaurant was a treat from a friend of mine and his wife before they left for China to start their newlywed life. They are from a city called Hohhot located in Inner Mongolia and while they are familiar with Northern Mongolian cuisine, many of us weren’t but we definitely wanted a taste.

Unfortunately, everything happened so fast I couldn’t keep track of what was ordered but here are some mouth watering pictures that might be able to help if you decide to dine there. Or the very least, you can show your waiter/waitress and they’ll know what it is.

2014-05-18 14.35.04

2014-05-18 14.37.15

2014-05-18 14.37.50

2014-05-18 14.38.27

2014-05-18 14.41.37

This one is something I’d recommend. Their version of sweet and sour pork; not too heavy on the sauce and the batter is so crispy you can hear the crunch!

2014-05-18 14.44.40

Meat so tender it’ll melt in your mouth!

2014-05-18 14.44.48

2014-05-18 14.45.43

2014-05-18 14.46.55

This was a meal I definitely enjoyed but if my friend didn’t order, I wouldn’t know where to start. I’d recommend asking the waiter to suggest some dishes that are unique to Mongolian cuisine or else you might be ordering the general Chinese dishes you can get elsewhere.

Gyugyuya Review


177 Dundas Street West

(416) 546-5629

Pricing: Cheap

Cuisine: Japanese Curry

Type: Casual


Food: 9/10

Service: 7/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Gyugyuya on Urbanspoon


After all the buzz with Gyugyuya when they first opened, it was only a matter of time before I tried it myself. It’s been a year or two and the Japanese food fascination is still strong in Toronto.

When people think of curry, they’ll think of Indian or Thai for its’ spice or coconut milk texture but Japanese curry is in a league of its own. It’s more thick in texture and sweet in taste. It doesn’t necessarily have to be spicy either. And with all the toppings you can put on it, each one gives it an added flavour.

Gyu Cheese Curry

I got the Gyu Cheese Curry and it was THE BOMB! The seasoned curry beef over the rice accompanied with grated cheese and a boiled egg. I love things that tend to be a little on the sweet side and this was perfect with a hint of saltiness.

Nabeyaki Curry

My friend Amy went all out and got their Nabeyaki Curry which had cheese, an egg, charred broccoli and a cute hot dog octopus like the ones you see in bento boxes. The portion is bigger and more saucy but even so, you can’t help but finish the whole bowl clean.

I wish this place was here when I went to Ryerson but unfortunately, it was built after. It’s just a short walk from the campus and whether you’re a student or work in an office nearby, I definitely recommend coming here.

Skoshbox April 2015 Review


I love how each box has a combination of chocolate, candy and cookies. It’s hard to choose a favourite but I tend to like the chocolates the most. The candy is great too; on second thought, everything is so there’s no need to choose lol.

2015-04-08 20.24.42

2015-04-08 20.27.07 copy

1. Choco An-Pan Bread

This one was mediocre. It’s a bread-like cookie with a solid chocolate filling. There aren’t that many pieces so when you start eating one, you’ll notice the rest quickly follow. The bread obviously isn’t fresh and you taste a bit of the preservatives they used as well.

2. Hello Kitty Cookies

These are mini chocolate chip cookies with very little chocolate but it’s not something I would pass. These cookies are hard and about the size of a quarter. I think if they didn’t use Hello Kitty as a marketing gimmick, it wouldn’t be so successful.

3. Lotte Lace Chocolate

This one was more eye candy (haha…). It’s made up of strands of white and dark chocolate crisscrossed together. You should eat the whole piece at once because if you take a bite, it falls apart and makes a huge mess.

4. Ramune Drink Candy

I’m sure you all know how great a Ramune drink, now imagine it as a hard fizzy candy. It’s fairly big in size, about the size of a gum ball and is full of flavour. It tastes exactly like the drink and even imitates the feeling the fizz gives your tongue.

5. Pronounced Kukku Dasse (We Promise)

This one is a flat rolled out butter cookie delicately rolls into somewhat of a rounded rectangle. It’s crumbly and the butter makes it smooth and adds to the vanilla/chocolate taste.

6. Assorted Fruit Hi-Chews

If you’ve had a Hi-Chew, it’s exactly the same but longer and a bit bigger in size. It’s soft and full of flavour. It’s also one of the few soft candies that don’t stick to your teeth after you bite into it.

7. Black Thunder Mini (Not numbered in the middle)

I’m sad to say that I forgot to label this one but it’s the black pack in the middle. This one was hands down my favourite one out of the bunch and was basically a chocolate cookie dunked in milk chocolate. It was so good I wanted three more!

Skoshbox May 2015 Review


It’s been awhile but here are May’s snacks and like always, most are hits but there are one or two that aren’t so great. Like always, I’ll be going through them one by one.

2015-05-06 19.34.18

2015-05-06 19.35.48 copy

1. DIY Choco-Banana Kit

This is one of the items I could’ve done without. It was tasteless and the texture wasn’t that great either to be honest. If it was fun to make that would be a different story but that only lasts for the first three seconds, the feeling quickly goes away. Read below for more.

2. Anpanman Corn Rings

These are pretty straight forward and taste like onion rings without the seasoning. They’re also thinner in shape and remind me of the Korean onion ring chips from Nong Shim.

3. Mont Blanc Oreo Cake

This is literally a whoopie pie labelled as a soft cookie/cake. It’s nothing special and crumbles very easily. But I prefer actual Oreos over these any day.

4. Tirol Variety Choco

There are different kinds of chocolate but the two I tried were Strawberry Jelly and White Cookie. Both were made with high-quality chocolate and had just the right amount of filling.

5. Sumi Yaki Coffee Candy

This coffee candy was strong and a good size. I’d like to think it’s because they used actual espresso and not just the flavouring.

6. Doraemon Bubblegum

There are five sticks, similar to what you would find in the old Juicy Fruit packs. I’ve noticed the Japanese like their gum to be that generic soda flavour but the problem is that the flavour quickly disappears after a few minutes of chewing. I hope these are super cheap in Japan because I wouldn’t pay much for these.

7. Nagisa Arare Rice Crackers

Nothing spectacular but still yummy; just the right amount of salty and savoury in a snack sized pouch.

2015-05-07 20.19.39

I thought I should give you guys a more in depth look at the Choco Banana Kit since it’s a very interesting concept. It’s divided into three sections and everything initially comes in sealed packages.

First, you stick one of the banana marshmallows onto one of the stocks provided and dip it into the chocolate spread. It doesn’t stick very well but if you roll it around for a bit you can get a blob on. Then you roll it in the sprinkles and voila!

2015-05-07 20.22.44

Not the most appetizing in terms of looks, I know.