Bakery Nakamura Review


3160 Steeles Avenue East (Markham)

(905) 477-3555

Price: Cheap

Cuisine: Japanese

Type: Bakery


Food: 8/10

Atmosphere: —

Service: 7/10

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This bakery is located inside the mini supermarket in J-town. It’s a great place to get Japanese inspired buns and cakes. Don’t go in hungry though or you’ll want to get everything!

Black Sesame Cheesecake

Their Black Sesame Cheesecake wasn’t really what I expected. Japanese cheesecake is more spongy while Western cheesecake is heavy and cream cheese based. This was neither and was a bit more like a mousse cake. Not as much flavour as I would’ve liked but not bad.

Melon Bread

I love Melon Bread and the top layer was thick, just how I like it. The bun could’ve been a little softer but I was there close to the end of the day so I can’t blame them. I would get these again either way!

Strawberries and Peaches

This is just Strawberries and Peaches but it tastes amazing; the cake is pillowy soft and the fruit is fresh. It has just the right amount of sweetness and is perfect.

Yakisoba Bun

The Yakisoba Bun is a little odd to some but makes a great quick lunch or big snack. It’s stir-fried yakisoba noodles…in a bun. The bun is soft and chewy, making it clean to eat (no crumbs!). I had one in Japan as well and it tastes identical so it’s pretty authentic!

Skoshbox March 2016 Review


March 2016

Hi-Chew Premium: Japanese Grape

I thought this would be like any other chewy candy but wow the flavour hits you like a punch! It’s as if the flavour is condensed into this tiny ball and fills your mouth right when you bite into it. It really is a premium flavour.

Yogurt-Sour Tabs

These don’t look like anything but they taste pretty good. The flavour is yogurt but not the American kind, more the Yakult kind.

Puchi Ichigo Cookie

These are strawberry cookies with chocolate chips and taste great. They’re small and snack sized so you can have a few of half the pack. They’re also very addicting so it’ll be hard to stop.

Doraemon Monaka (Chocolate)

I was surprised how good this was but it left quite a mess. The chocolate filling was light and bubbly, similar to Aero and the wafer shell was very airy.

Yuki No Yado Senbei (Hokkaido Milk)

This lightly frosted rice cracker is a perfect combination of salty and sweet. This will always be my favourite kind and I love how these are snack-sized.

Skoshbox February 2016 Review


Feb 2016

Pucca: Chocolate Crisps

These are fish-shaped pretzel shells with chocolate filling, similar to the koala cookies you may have eaten. The pretzel gives it a nice crunch and there’s a good amount of chocolate in there.

Chibimaruko Marshmallow (Grape)

I didn’t like these too much. They’re basically marshmallows with a grape jelly filling. It’s a little bland but that might just be my opinion of the white puffy things in general lol.

Pekochan Parosol Choco (Chocolate Umbrella)

I thought this would be a cheap chocolate you find when you get these gimmicky treats but it’s actually a high quality chocolate that’s pretty creamy too.

Coffee Beat

These look and smell exactly like coffee beans but it’s 100 per cent flavoured chocolate! I had a few at a time and it comes in this cute tube that keeps it fresh-ish.


I LOVE these puffed crispy veggie chips! There are Japanese and Korean variations but both are identical. It’s a very unique texture like no other and they’re shaped like animals but are hollow inside. It’s full of flavour and so addicting!

Soft Oreo: Vanilla Cream

This is more of a soft Oreo cake than a cookie. It’s like a giant whoopie pie and the filling is a smooth cream and not icing. You get two but be careful, they get a little messy.

Fresh Off the Boat Review


404 Queen Street West

(416) 603-3333

Price: Average

Cuisine: Seafood

Type: Finger Food/Fast Food


Food: 9/10

Service: 7/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Fresh Off the Boat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

When Fresh Off the Boat first opened a few years ago, everyone was raving about their lobster rolls. I finally made the trek downtown one day and while I waited a bit, it was fresh.

Lobster Roll

I had to go with their well-known Lobster Roll and it was amazing! They toasted the bun so that it was warm and crunchy. There was more than enough lobster and it didn’t have many fillers so you’re getting what you paid for. The coleslaw was also flavourful and crunchy, not soggy and wilted like other restaurants. And the hand-cut fries just came out of the fryer!

Mediterranean Shrimp Sandwich

Their Mediterranean Shrimp Sandwich doesn’t look like much when you open it up but it’s got a bit of shrimp and flavour. The bread also isn’t that thick so both balance out. What I hate the most is when you have extra bread on a sandwich or bun.

I would go often if I lived/worked in the area but because I’m up North, I might not get to and there are many more food places to try!

Skoshbox January 2016 Review


Jan 2016

Puccho: Hoppe-Chan Gummies (Japanese Cherry Flavour)

These are the hard gummies and each are the size of peanuts. They’re sweet but not overpowering. The cute pink packaging is a plus as well :).

Sakupanda Zed (Double Chocolate Panda Cookies)

I love these panda cookies! I’ve been collecting the boxes since day one. These are just as good and it might just be me but the cookies on these ones seem more put together, less crumbly. The chocolate is also bittersweet which is great since this means you get more of the cocoa and less of the sugar.

Gaburi-Chu Cola Stick

This is a soft candy stick and was quite interesting. It’s essentially a cola flavoured chewy candy shaped like a stick when you think about it. The taste is pretty strong so it’s very satisfying.

Ao-Be Soda Gum (Mouth-Staining Gum)

I actually had no interest in this one and left it too long so it became a bit stale…Sorry!

Korokoro Sugar Rusk (Crispy Sugar Rusk Cubes)

The name makes it sound really sweet but it isn’t really. It’s baked cubes of bread with a thin layer of sugar. It’s different and I would eat this again.

Yakitori Umaibo

What can I say about this puffed snack that I haven’t already? I love it and while this one doesn’t really mirror yakitori, it’s still salty and savoury.

LA: Other Foods from LA


Here are the other foods from my LA trip that I didn’t have enough for their own post but were so yummy I couldn’t leave out!

In-N-Out Chocolate Milkshake

If you’re ever in the West Coast, I highly recommend you try In-N-Out. They have amazing food for a takeout burger joint. I started off with their In-N-Out Chocolate Milkshake. It’s so thick that I had to let it settle because I couldn’t suck it up initially! But it keeps it’s texture throughout.


You can’t go wrong with a Cheeseburger and Fries but they also have a secret menu that I’ll tackle next time I’m in LA :).

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s is a market I WISH we had here in Canada. It’s a cross between Whole Foods and No Frills; most things are healthy and don’t have preservatives but the prices aren’t through the roof and very affordable! We stopped by to get some breakfast items and I grabbed some snacks and such as well. (All yummy by the way!)

Dylan's Candy Bar

I always go to one of these when I’m in the US; Dylan’s Candy Bar. You’ll find people of all ages in here and there’s so many different variations and funky flavours as well. It’s also fun to just go around.

Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate

You can also mix and match since it’s all counted by weight. I got some chocolate gummy bears and rice crispies, chocolate raisins, mint chocolate chip malt balls, etc.

Coconut Milk and Sticky Black Rice Pudding

We passed by a Chinese restaurant that sold desserts so I picked up a Coconut Milk and Sticky Black Rice Pudding. It was so good and creamy, like a mousse.

Processed with MoldivI don’t remember the name but this is an amazing soon tofu restaurant where the tofu is organic and everything tastes so fresh. Everything is cheap too, $10+ depending on which one you get.

Jurrassic Cafe - Turkey Leg Combo

At Universal Studios theme park, we stopped to eat at the Jurrassic Cafe. I was craving the Turkey Leg Combo and it was HUGE! Here’s my cousin’s hand as a comparison. It was good but a bit salty halfway through.

Fat Tuesday

While in LA, we took a road trip to Las Vegas. It is legal to drink while walking around and you can get your daiquiri fix at Fat Tuesday. We both got Bellini because there’s nothing better than that!

Verde with Mushrooms

For dinner, we went to this artisan pizza place with a wood oven. I had the Verde with Mushrooms and it was great; the crust was soft and fluffy and there were plenty of mushrooms.


My cousin, who loves her vegetables, got the Vege. It has spinach, artichokes and cheese.

Popeye's 2-PC Chicken

On the way back, we wanted something simple and who doesn’t love Popeye’s fried chicken? Their 2-PC Chicken Meal is just the right size.

Big Olaf's - Cookies and Cream

On a trip to Catalina Island back in LA, we stopped by a famour ice cream parlour called Big Olaf’s. My got my go to flavour, Cookies and Cream. While the waffle cone was fresh, I would’ve liked there to be more cookie chunks.

Garrett's Popcorn

While I had a layover in Chicago, I had to stop by Garrett’s Popcorn and grab some bags of their famous Chicago mix (caramel with cheddar popcorn mix). I don’t know if its because of the way it’s made but it’s so GOOD!